glassfish errors in netbeans

I don’t use IDE since I am used to editing in vim. I tried to adopt eclipse for java work several times. But I just could not keep using it. However, I recently started to see if I can adopt netbeans for java ee development. My environment is netbeans + glassfish + maven.

I experienced several problems in the beginning

(1) NetBeans: No suitable Deployment Server is defined for the project or globally.

I found the solution here:

In Netbeans:

  1. Right-click the project and select Properties. Navigate to the Run tab.
  2. In the Server field select GlassFish V2

(2) netbeans SEC5046: Audit: Authentication refused for [admin].

Why do I see this error while I can still successfully deploy my application to glassfish from netbeans?

I found the solution here

Just simply remove ~/.asadminpass

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